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Circular Road Traffic Signs

At Hirst Signs Ltd we manufacture and deliver all UK Road signs.

If you are unable to find the sign you require, please call us on 01909 723 364 or email us at

Road Signs Specification:

  • Manufactured "in-house" to BSEN12899-1:2007 and UK Highway Regulations
  • Manufactured in an ISO9001:2015 controlled environment
  • All signs CE Marked (a legal requirement)
  • All signs are manufactured in Traffic Grade Aluminium Composite with grey reverse
  • Choice of 300mm, 450mm and 600mm diameter sizes.

  • Reflective Class RA1 Engineering Grade or Class RA2 High Intensity Prismatic
  • Available for wall fixing or with channels on the rear for post mounting
  • Galvanised posts and stainless fixing clips available
  • Prices shown are exclusive of VAT and delivery charges which are calculated during checkout
  • Delivery is normally no more than 3/5 working days

5 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.5
From £11.50 excl VAT

10 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.10
From £11.50 excl VAT

15 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.15
From £11.50 excl VAT

20 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.20
From £11.50 excl VAT

The Department for Transport encourages the use of either '20 mph speed limits' or '20 mph speed limit zones' in urban situations where vulnerable road users are at particular risk. Traffic calming zones are located in areas with a high level of pedestrians such a town centres or schools. The end of the 20 mph speed limit traffic calming zone sees the limit increased to 30 mph.

30 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.30
From £11.50 excl VAT

In areas of street lighting (except on motorways), a speed limit of 30mph applies unless another speed limit is specifically signed.

40 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.40
From £11.50 excl VAT

50 MPH Speed Limit Sign

DoT 670.50
From £11.50 excl VAT


DoT 622.1A
From £11.50 excl VAT

MAX Vehicle Height Road Sign

DoT 629.2
From £11.50 excl VAT

MAX Vehicle Width Road Sign

DoT 629
From £11.50 excl VAT

Motor Vehicles Prohibited road sign

DoT 619
From £11.50 excl VAT

No Entry Road Sign

DoT 616
From £11.50 excl VAT

No Left Turn Road Sign

DoT 613
From £11.50 excl VAT

No Over Taking Road Sign

DoT 632
From £11.50 excl VAT

The no overtaking road sign is circular with a red border meaning that it is giving drivers an order. As the no overtaking sign is regulatory, it is illegal to overtake. The no overtaking restriction ends when the lines in the road change from a continuous white line, to a broken line. No overtaking signs are often located on bends, dips in the road or where there are hills.

No Pedestrians Sign

DoT 625.1
From £11.50 excl VAT

No Right Turn Road Sign

DoT 612
From £11.50 excl VAT

No Stopping Road Sign

DoT 642
From £11.50 excl VAT

The red cross means no stopping, not even to pick up or set down passengers. The sign is used to indicate a 24-hour clearway (usually on a rural road) or may be incorporated into other signs with the words? No stopping? (e.g.? no stopping except local buses? Sign at bus stops). On a 24-hour clearway, the prohibition of stopping applies only to the main carriageway. You may stop in a lay-by unless there are signs to say otherwise. A 24-hour clearway does not have any special road markings, but there should be smaller repeater signs at approximately one-mile intervals.

No U Turns Sign

DoT 614
From £11.50 excl VAT

Priority Road Sign

DoT 615
From £11.50 excl VAT

Roundabout Sign road sign

DoT 611.1
From £11.50 excl VAT

610 direction around island or obstacle Right

D of T 610 Right
From £11.50 excl VAT